Stationary Liquid Cooled Chiller

Test System Cooled Low Temperature Chiller
(Test Air or Water) - OTT

(Model OTT Custom shown)

Utilized in lab testing, component, battery, & dynamometers to name a few.

Low Temperature Test Chillers - product information (pdf)

Test System Cooled Low Temperature Chiller Features - OTT

  • Customer defined Cooling Capacity & Range
  • Range from -40ºC to 88ºC Leaving Fluid Temp.
  • Works with Standard or Custom Fluids
  • PID auto tuning Controller, Digital display
  • Scroll, Hermetic, or Compound compressor
  • Air or Water Cooled
  • Programmable Deviation Temp. Alarm
  • Temp output in °C or °F
  • Dual frequency compatible
  • Operating temperature ranges up to 88°C
  • Pump Bypass as Standard
  • Rugged powder coated steel cabinetry
  • Stainless Reservoir & Process connections
  • Swivel Casters Std., Fork Pocket Available
  • Removable Cover and Side Access panels
  • NEMA 1 electrical enclosure standard
  • Ni or Copper brazed plate evaporator, or Shell & Tube
  • Fluid Circuit Insulation

Test System Cooled Low Temperature Chiller - OTT

Controls / Interlocks

  • PLC Controller
  • RS232/RS485/Dry Contact
  • Ethernet Controller
  • Remote Start/Stop, Voltage or Digital
  • Audible alarm with silence
  • Visual alarm beacon
  • Remote control Tether
  • Fluid monitoring and control devices


  • NEMA 4 (outdoor) controls
  • 24V control systems
  • Phase monitor
  • Breakers and Motor Protectors
  • CE compliance, UL 61010
  • NRTL certifications
  • Transition Ramp & Soak Programs


  • Specialty Wetted Construction materials
  • Turbine, Gear, or PD Pumps Available
  • Flow control
  • Pressure Control
  • Anti-drain back prevention
  • Fluid Particle Filters
  • Immersion heaters
  • Remote temp sensing
  • Specialty Manifolds
  • Fluid Drain Std.
  • Extended Warranty


  • Fluids: Water, DI Water, EG/PG
  • Fluids: Fluorinert, HFE, Galden, PAO
  • OPTISHIELD® corrosion inhibitors


World Class Components

Our outdoor/mobile chillers feature easy to use standardized control components which are time tested and widely available throughout the global marketplace to create a system engineered for years of reliable service. All OptiTemp chillers feature a full one-year parts and labor warranty.