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In 1998 Opti Temp introduced the concept of providing accurate, controlled "Temperature on the Spot" at the test site as a convenient alternative to temperature chambers and baths. With more than 15 years of expertise interfacing with the low temperature systems we provide an accurate and convenient solution. Temperatures range from -40° to +88°C. All systems are CFC-free, plus offer several materials and pump options.

Product quality and design testing is an expanding and important part of new product development. Testing fluid cooled products under various conditions with differing viscosity, density, and flow volumes is a challenge for designers. Opti Temp will build a Testing Chiller to your requirements to satisfy laboratory fluid cooling. We will design a system to deliver proper fluid conditions to your devices under test.

Opti Temp chillers work well with environmental chambers. While an environmental chamber is meant to condition the ambient around a unit under test, the chiller can control the fluid circulating within the fluid cooled device under test. Often the fluid circulated through the product will be warmer or colder than the environment to stress the product and see how the product reacts, something an environmental chamber cannot do.

Bringing precise temperature to the test site for components, hybrids, printed circuit boards and other devices enables the user to incorporate temperature into any test equipment for characterizing, qualifying and performing fault isolation on a component, calorimeter, automotive testing, battery testing, or production testing.

Test - Air or Water Cooled Low Temperature Chillers - Product information for OTT

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