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Corrosion Prevention in University Laboratories - Chiller Corrosion Prevention

Michigan State University had corrosion issues within the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Laboratory. Specifically one of their lab chillers had corrosion issues that prevented the chiller unit from operating efficiently. The problem was solved using "OptiShield" from Opti Temp, Inc.

Corrosion Protection for Chillers - Preventing Corrosion in Cooling Systems

Conductive fluid cooling circuits containing materials such as copper, brass, and aluminum create an environment for galvanic corrosion. OptiShield coats the metallic surfaces to minimize or eliminate corrosion and in addition provides an unfriendly environment for Algae. "OptiShield" comes in four (4) different formulations for corrosion protection.

Corrosion Control for Water-Based Cooling Systems

OptiShield is a family of corrosion control products offered by Opti Temp for water-based cooling systems.  OptiShield is pH basic and provides an unfriendly environment for algae. When used as directed, OptiShield "original" formula is a safe, effective corrosion control solution for most general industry applications.

corrosion control in chillers

Industrial Chillers, Laboratory Chillers, Process Chillers
- Corrosion Issues in Cooling Systems (PDF)

OptiShield corrosion inhibitor is a water-based liquid additive specially formulated to protect closed-circuit process heating and cooling systems from galvanic corrosion, which results from the presence of dissimilar metals within the recirculating system. The OptiShield corrosion control products have excellent heat transfer characteristics and are normally classified as “non-hazardous."

Closed-circuit heating and cooling systems often contain various dissimilar materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, tin, ferrous metals, lead, brass, and other yellow metals. When dissimilar metals are present within an untreated system, galvanic corrosion normally results, due to differences in the electro-chemical potential of the materials. Left untreated, galvanic corrosion often leads to pump/seal failures, reduction in heat transfer efficiency, reduced flow, lost revenue, associated downtime, and expensive cooling system repairs. OptiShield inhibitors are very effective in controlling galvanic corrosion in recirculating systems.

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The photograph below shows fittings immersed in water treated with OptiShield, and fittings immersed in untreated water.

OptiShield Corrosion Control for Industrial Chillers

untreated meal parts from an industrial chiller metal parts from chiller treated with OptiShield

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