Water Chillers and Heat Exchangers

Commercial, Industrial, Military and Laboratory Chillers and Heat Exchangers

At Opti Temp we specialize in the design & manufacture of innovative chillers and heat exchangers for a wide range of commercial, industrial, military and laboratory applications. Standard product offerings include several complete lines of high quality recirculating fluid chillers and heat exchangers.

Water Chillers with Patented Compressor Saver Technology

Refrigerated water chillers from Opti Temp feature our patented refrigeration control circuitry. This advanced control circuitry with compressor saver technology offers several advantages over competitor’s water chiller products, particularly in key market segments. Advantages include:

  • Zero to Full load capacity control
  • Active Cooling and Heating over entire fluid operating range up to 88° C
  • Excellent temperature stability at 0.1° C
  • Virtually eliminates compressor failures in the field
Large Water Chillers
Outdoor Mobile Chillers
Portable Refrigerated Water Chiller

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We can assist you in finding just the right standard chiller or heat exchanger products or create a custom chiller or heat exchanger design for your special application. Click here to request a quote. If you prefer to speak to a thermal management product specialist, please call (231) 946-2931 during our normal business hours, Monday - Friday from 8-5 PM (EST) or email information@optitemp.com.